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Our first presenter chosen from the basket was Erin Lydy, Founder of Firelands Community Cat Coalition. Dedicated to the feral cats in the Firelands Region in Ohio. Your donation goes to the cost of a spay or neuter of a community cat. Thank you for helping these innocent lives.

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Our second pick was Huron County Imagination Library, presented by Reta Stark. She told us  the goal of this nonprofit begun by Dolly Parton, is to get books into the hands of children. Parents complete an online form for their child & there is no cost to the parent. Funds are raised by the committee, through the Norwalk area United Fund.

Our third pick & winner of the night is Lake Erie Shores Blue Star Moms presented by  Mindy Soisson Calhoun.  She explained the purpose & goals of this nonprofit, is to provide packages, especially during the holiday seasons, to our military deployed outside the continental USA. Also to aid veterans & families of our military. We were blessed to provide $14,600 for their project supporting our local military, serving in our behalf!

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