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Norwalk Arts Center was chosen first from the basket at our February meeting! Mary Lisa Boose explained about their mission to provide arts education & experiences for both children & adults in our area. There are several age appropriate activities  available for all. The NAC group is also continuing to work on our theatre to one day be able to enjoy Theatre in Norwalk, Ohio!!!

Community Life & Innovation provides services to adults with developmental disabilities, uplift direct care staff who care for people with disabilities & invests in the local community. Holly Binkley said CLI has programs to help clients build skills that may help in getting jobs & they also provide transportation for their needs.

Artist Open Studio provides local adult artists with developmental disabilities a space to express themselves through art, especially painting & ceramics. Their artwork is available for sale at their studio on Main St.! AOS provides paint supplies for the artists & are in the process of installing a kiln to fire their ceramics in house. 

AOS is our winner!!!

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